An international experience

RUI maintains collaborative relationships with university residences across Europe and organizes cultural exchanges and trips to discover major European cities, including: London, Oxford, Vienna, Paris, Dublin, Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Granada and Lisbon.

Every year, RUI organizes a weekend abroad for Seniors, during which students plan activities and initiatives for the following months. There are increasingly more students who go on an Erasmus program deciding to stay in a RUI partner residence.


Scholarships and International Activities

Fondazione Rui promotes many initiatives and international exchange activities by providing scholarships and subsidies from the fund dedicated to internationalization: the Summer School of IESE in Barcelona, ​​the Calarossa Summer School in Palermo, and JUMP + courses in collaboration with major International Business Schools.

For the last two years, Fondazione Rui has also funded various scholarships for the ChinaMed Business Program, a 6-week program with over 200 hours of training, which takes place at Peking University in the cities of Beijing, Xi’an and Shenzhen.

Moreover, every year RUI residents participate in the International Interdisciplinary Seminar, which takes place in London.

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